Who is PM Associates?

PM Associates is a bookkeeping, accounting and payroll service company which specializes in offering small, medium and start-up companies an effective alternative to doing the work in-house.


What services do you provide?

PM Associates provides complete accounting and bookkeeping services including accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and accounting. We also prepare comprehensive monthly financial reports.


Who will service my account?

You will be assigned a bookkeeper, an accountant and a payroll specialist to handle your account.


Will you replace my CPA?

No. Your CPA will continue to prepare your business tax returns, do tax planning and conduct audits, if required. We will work with your CPA to design reporting systems that best fit your needs and help you make decisions that maximize profits.


Will I lose control of my financial decision making?

No. On the contrary, your control will actually increase because you will be provided with timely and accurate reports.


How do I access my financial information?

There are a number of ways you can obtain your information. We can send you a package of reports on a weekly/monthly basis. Or alternatively, you can access your information on-line through our secure server, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Who can have on-line access to my financial information?

You decide who can have access and what information they can access.


How do I control payment of bills?

We provide you with a complete list of the bills that are coming due and you tell us what to pay. This information is available to you on-line or you can contact us directly.


Can I write a check?

Yes. For the infrequent times that you need to write a check, you just have to record the check and notify us.


How do you bring my historical data into your accounting systems?

In most instances, we can build an electronic bridge to convert your data into our system.


If our books are not up to date, can you assist us in completing them?

Yes, we can assist you in completing your books. However, there will be a nominal charge based upon the time needed to bring the books up to date.


What happens to my invoices/bills after you have entered them into your accounting system?

All documents are scanned and stored electronically and can be retrieved whenever needed. You decide if you want the originals returned to you or shredded.


What is the cost of using PM Associates?

Our fees are based upon the volume and complexity of transactions and the services provided. The costs average between $100-$300 per week, including payroll.  For a sample calculation of typical savings.


Because I pay a fixed fee, does that limit the amount of time I can communicate with my team?

No.  You may call any member of your team at any time during business hours.

How much do you charge for a set-up fee?

We are willing to do the set-up at no cost because we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services and will establish a long term relationship with us. This represents an immediate savings of up to $3500.


You say your services are provided for a fixed fee, are there any other costs? 

The only other costs are for postage, check and envelope stock, and post office box rental if needed. These are normal costs you would incur in-house.


Does PM Associates carry insurance?

Yes.  We carry an honesty bond policy on all of our employees.


What are the advantages of outsourcing?

The chief advantages are that it allows you to concentrate on your business, saves you money on personnel, equipment and office space and provides you with a team of bookkeeping and accounting experts at a fixed fee. At least one member of the team that is assigned to your account is always available. That is the benefit of using a team approach rather than an individual.