Accounts Payable and Check Writing

BILLS.  Every business has them, but not every business has the time to pay, budget, file, track, and/or question them.  PM Associates, Inc. is an expert when it comes to paying your bills.  We become your personal bookkeepers.  We organize your expenses every week so you know exactly which bills are due.  You have all the control.  WE DO ALL THE WORK.

 Here's how we do it . . .

Invoice Processing: You provide us with your invoices and statements on a regular basis via our courier pick-up, overnight delivery or electronic transmission. After we enter all your bills into our computer system, we send a list of all the unpaid invoices to you. You then tell us which bills to pay. We produce and mail the checks directly to your vendors.


Fixed Expense Payments: We can pay your repetitive bills, including rent, insurance, loan payments, etc. We can also calculate and pay your sales or meals tax.


Financial Review: Having access to current bank account information can be a big advantage to any business owner trying to manage finances. That's why we provide you with a weekly summary of all bank transactions and balances. Or if you choose, you can view your data on-line.



Accounts Receivable and Invoicing

With PM Associates, Inc. handling all of your customer billing, you'll have the time you need to do what you do best:  Running Your Business.  We have mastered a cost effective process of billing your clients quickly so that your money is received sooner.  No more shuffling through stacks of bills, checks, and old invoices to determine if you have billed or received payment for the product or service you provided.  PM Associates, Inc. can not only save you time and money, but also provide you with a more organized billing service so you can efficiently run your business.

Here's how we do it . . .

Customized Invoices: We create invoices on a weekly or monthly basis that detail the work, product, or services you have provided. We calculate balances weekly and summarize in an Aged Accounts Receivable Report.


Payment Processing: You decide if payments are sent to you or come directly to us. If we receive the payments, then PM Associates, Inc. will deposit the funds in your account, saving you time and maximizing your cash flow.


Financial Review: We issue monthly statements to your customers, providing them with their balances, including any late fees. If you'd like, we can call your delinquent customers and remind them of their overdue balances.